A page of the Saint James Club was turned during the auction of the current furniture which took place on Thursday 28th and Friday 29th May 2020.

It was the occasion to see us again.

More than a thousand lots have been acquired, and we are touched to know that the spirit of the Saint James by the designer Bambi Sloan now continues in some of you.

The emotion was present when the sale started and we applauded the member of the Club who left with the painting of his dreams ! The highlight of the auction was the two red velvet sofas in the lobby.

We are now looking to the future and looking forward to shaping the Saint James of tomorrow, while staying grounded in its history.

While waiting for the pleasure of meeting in January 2021, we will keep you informed by email of the progress of our projects and remain reachable at all times at club@saintjamesclub.com

The Saint James Club team